Salmonella Serovars Isolated in Turkey Up to the End of Year 2011


Bacteria in Salmonella genus are separated into more than 2600 serovars. It is important that the isolated serovars and their sources are known in a certain country. This will help the identification of new Salmonella serovars that will be isolated later on. Since there is no Salmonella reference center in Turkey, Salmonella serovars isolated in Turkey were mainly reported by the articles of Aksoycan’s manuscripts in various years, and in the list of Töreci and Anğ in 1991. The aim of this meta-analysis was to detect and prepare a list for all the Salmonella serovars isolated from human and non-human samples in Turkey up to the end of 2011. In creating this serovar list, libraries, personal and institutional archives, theses, publication lists, books published after scientific meetings and congresses, and international and local periodicals have been explored, and members of Turkish Microbiology Society are communicated via the web site of the society and personal e-mail addresses, and their publications regarding Salmonella serovars were requested. The list also includes the modifications on the names and antigenic formulae of the serovars that were carried out in recent years. The number of serovars isolated in Turkey up to the end of 2011 is 129. Fifty three of them were isolated from humans, 38 from humans and non-human samples, and 38 from non-human samples. The total number of serovars isolated from humans is 91. Twenty seven serovars from serogrup 0:4 (B); 23 serovars from serogrup 0:7 (C1); 25 serovars from serogrup 0:8 (C2-C3); 16 serovars from serogrup 0:9 (D1); 8 serovars from serogrup 0:3,10 (E1) and 5 serovars from serogrup 0:28 (M) have been reported. Only two of the more than 2600 serovars known were isolated firstly in Turkey: S. Istanbul (8:z10: e,n,x) in 1969 and S. Adana (43:z10:1,5) in 1977. Previously, serovars containing 1 and 25 O antigen of S. Boecker ([1],6,14,[25]) were isolated in 1967 and 1971 for the first time in Turkey. In 1967, a serovar containing T1 antigen that appears during S-R alteration in Salmonella, with (T1: b: e,n,x) antigen formula has been isolated from non-human samples and was reported to be a probable S-R alteration of Salmonella Benfica. Furthermore, non-motile isolates of Salmonella enterica subsp enterica serogrup 0:7 (C1) and serogrup 0:9 (D) were reported as well. While reporting a new Salmonella isolation in a country one should not be content with only giving the name of the serovar, but also emphasize the antigenic structure and the identification method clearly.

Key words: Salmonella; serovar; Turkey.

Geliş Tarihi (Received): 22.03.2013 ? Kabul Ediliş Tarihi (Accepted): 29.05.2013

Posted September 5, 2013